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Random Thoughts

I absolutely love being a babygirl. I love being able to call a man ‘Daddy’. I love being able to be silly and playful…and not get strange looks lol. I love my toys- both little and adult ones. 

I like the pet names that come with my Doms. Daddy calls me ‘kitten’. I love the care, attention and affection that comes from these interactions. The rules make me feel safe. The dominance keeps me grounded. 

When I’m interacting with my DD, the power exchange there makes me feel like I can breathe. It’s like drinking a cold glass of water during a hot summer day. You don’t realize how thirsty you are until you take a sip. 

The connection is incredibly intense. There’s so much emotional attachment that comes from this play. Any lows are well worth the highs that come with.

In the DD/lg dynamic, I feel like I’m finally home. 

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