Erotica: Daddy and Babygirl

A yawn.

Babygirl looked over at him, her beautiful Daddy, and smiled. He was slouched in his seat, shirt unbuttoned around the collar, dark socked feet kicked up on the ottoman. Day old stubble peppered his face. His head was resting on his left hand as he watched The Little Mermaid with her for the umpteenth time that night.

Disney movies were her go to for when she was stressed. It had been a long week at work and each night she trudged home on the verge of tears. Each night Daddy would come over, greet her with a kiss, a cookie and instructions to go relax while he made dinner.

He was so good to her. She felt her chest tighten. How did she get so lucky? Babygirl bit her lip. Would the other shoe drop? Was it really possible to be this happy with the man she loved-

Wait, you can’t be in love, she scolded herself. Her eyes snapped back to the movie. It’s only been a few months. It’s much too soon for that type of talk.

They sat in silence for a few more moments before Daddy let out a soft chuckle at something Sebastian said. Her eyes drifted back over to him. He was amazing- smart, caring, funny…and he was here with her.

The need to show him how much she appreciated him hit her with such force she gave a small gasp.

Daddy looked over at her and raised his eyebrows.

“Daddy?” She began, “may I do something?”

“What Sweet Pea?”

She bit her lip and worried her stuffie’s fur. They had not yet crossed into the territory she was thinking about right now and suddenly she was nervous as hell. “I wanna…” She took a deep breath. “May I give you a blow job?”

Shocked silence settled between them. Sex had never been mentioned. Sure, Daddy told her she was lovely but he never pressured her. She refused to look at him, practically ripping her stuffie’s hair out in an attempt to soothe her nerves. What if he wasn’t interested? Did she cross a line? What if he was grossed out? What if he said no? She was so stupid! He was going to-

Long, cool fingers gently gripped her chin and forced her to look into his brown eyes.
“Don’t be shy, sweetheart.” He gave a soft kiss and released her, leaning back to unzip his pants. She watched, fascinated, as he pulled out his cock and then let his hands fall to the side. He studied her, waiting…always patient.

Her mouth watered. Gripping her furry companion, she crawled on the couch until she was sitting right next to him and reached out to touch him before pausing.

Was this really ok? She licked her lips. Yes, Daddy would stop her if he didn’t like it.

Babygirl leaned over and took him into her hand, noticing how soft and smooth the head was. She leaned down and gave it a gentle kiss, taking note of Daddy’s quiet gasp.

Encouraged, she gave a small lick…followed by another and then another.

He reached up with his right hand and began to stroke her back slowly. Something about the tenderness of his caress made her pussy clench. Emboldened, she leaned down and engulfed him in her mouth.

The moan he gave was enough permission for her. His hips lifted slightly but he never stopped rubbing her back. She cradled his cock with her tongue, bobbing her head up and down. She watched a sex instructional video on YouTube once and the woman said practicing on a banana would help women give better blow jobs. So she had and it seemed her efforts were paying off.

She pulled up, her tongue outlining the large vein that ran underneath his shaft before giving a loud slurp and swallowing him back in her mouth again. She mimicked this movement for a few blissful minutes, unaware that Daddy’s hand was no longer stroking her back but instead resting on the base of her neck.

“Fuck, pet,” he whispered, his hips lifting as she pulled up again. She smiled and, remembering what the sex lady said, gripped his shaft and began to slowly stroke him. She glanced up and their eyes met- hers wide with exploration, his lowered and darkened with desire. She felt her pussy soak and forced herself to look away from his gaze.

Taking him into her mouth again, she hummed and picked up her pace, pumping him as her lips formed a tight, wet seal. Babygirl bobbed her head even more, gagging.

Undeterred, she relaxed her throat to allow him even more access. Small ropes of drool slid down his cock, pooling at the base.
Daddy was moaning loudly now, his hand tightened around the back of her neck. Babygirl decided she liked the feeling.

It felt possessive. Comforting. Natural.

She picked up her pace again, deepthroating him, hand sliding up and down. He was getting harder, thrusting up into her, grip tightening ever so slightly on her neck.

She pulled up, slurping along the way and swallowed before asking, “Am I doing this ok, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby.” His voice was harsh, low. “Daddy needs you to keep going, he’s close.”

Nodding, she fell back down to his cock, licking the vein before getting back to work. His moans were increasing, hand moving up from her neck to fist her hair. His cock was impossibly hard now and she was marveling at how strong it was when she felt the dull pain in her scalp.

She raised her eyes to meet Daddy’s stormy gaze again. He was thrusting unabashedly into her mouth, and his grip was getting tighter. She thought for a moment before deciding she didn’t mind the pain.

She kind of liked it.

She tightened her own hold on him and relaxed her mouth so he could continue fucking her throat.

“Babygirl,” he growled. “You’re fucking amazing and Daddy’s going to cum now. I want you to be a good girl and swallow every drop, ok?” He didn’t wait for a reply before increasing his speed. He was panting, a sound she had never heard before. It was primal, making her pussy clench in response.

She moaned and felt his cock swell. It pulsed once, twice, and then a final time before he spilled into her, growling. She went to work swallowing, gently sucking to make sure she didn’t miss any of her Daddy’s precious gift.

His grip loosened in her hair and she sat up, smacking her lips. He tasted nice. She looked at him and grinned. He smiled back. “You’re such a good girl.”

“Was I ok, Daddy?”

“You were fantastic, pet.” Relief and pride shot through her.

“Thank you, Sir.”

He pulled in for a tender kiss and then tucked her underneath him so they could finish watching the movie.

Babygirl sighed happily. Yep. She would definitely ask him to try that again soon.

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