Random Thoughts · Submission

The Need to Submit

I find that much like sex, I can only go so long without being dominated. The longest length of time I went (out of sheer will) was 17 days. The average is about 7 days. 

This is not to be confused with being little. That’s 24/7 and while the urge to call someone “Daddy” can become stronger than normal, it’s usually something I can control. 

The need to submit will manifest in stages: first, an inkling that I can kind of ignore. Then comes the dreams….of kinky play and me submitting. Followed by the need permeating in my thoughts during the day. I start to get distracted and have a hard time focusing on anything. Finally, I get irritable and angry. 
Usually if I get to that final stage, I’ll seek out a play partner. At this point, my little side is warring with my need to submit. Whatever play partner I come across has to deal with me regressing and being a supreme brat. Some Doms have liked the challenge, some have not. 

Either way it’s nice to begin to understand my needs. 


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