Random Thoughts


(Dedicated to my runners out there)

At some point, you stop fighting.

You retreat, you’ve lost.

You pack up your emotions, neatly, in a box and tuck them away.

And you run. You don’t turn back. You don’t look back. You keep going. As far as your feet can carry you. Until you’re a different person. You don’t have those pesky problems anymore, they’re too far behind you. You’re new. A butterfly, emerging from a cocoon.

That’s what I do. I’m a runner. I run.

Not right away. I fight, and fight, and fight. And then, when I see that the fruits of my labor are not what they should be, I turn on my heel and leave. Walk away from that silly box full of emotions. Flick off the light. Close and lock the door.

It’s not easy, being a runner. Nope. You have to learn how to breathe again in this new world you’ve created. You have to learn how to feel again. How to be happy again. How to laugh again. How to wear your new skin and feel comfortable in it. 

It’s not for the weak. Not everyone can do it. But I can. I’m experienced. I’ve been there, done that. I can use my anger and my hurt and my sorrow and and and….!

It’s not for the weak. But it’s mine. Change is here, it’s happening. It’s happened.


So I’ll run.

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