Letters I'll Never Send · Submission

Dear Friend

It feels good to have you back in my life, even as just a friend and not my dom. I missed your voice and your laugh and your kissy faces. And I missed you not flinching from my sarcasm, being interested in my well being, being there for me. I missed hearing you ramble on about your day and your corny jokes. 

I still don’t get why you keep in touch. I mean, yes, you care for me. But is it also out of habit? I wish you would be honest with me. Is it because you miss me not as your friend, but also as your submissive? Is that wishful thinking? Do you miss what we had?

You asked me how I was doing without kink and I dodged the question because what could I say? That I feel rudderless? That I struggle not to call you Daddy? That I haven’t skipped a meal despite all of the drama happening in my life and I can’t help but to think that you would be proud of me? 

Nah. I won’t put that guilt on you.

I’m just happy I heard from you today. 

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