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I just have to share because I’m super fucking proud of myself:

  • For the past few weeks, I’ve been eating at least three meals a day. That’s right, no skipping. Even when I was upset, I made sure to grab a salad.
  • I’m on an 11 day streak on Myfitnesspal. 
  • Today is Saturday. I usually binge all weekend and then hate myself Monday morning. Today is the first weekend day that I ate healthy and responsibly: veggie omelette and wheat toast for brunch, string cheese for snack, taco salad (actual salad) for dinner. NO soda. It was pretty effortless.
  • For the first time in months, I planned a few meals for the work week.
  • I haven’t had a Redbull in a week. 
  • I ordered a yoga mat and a yoga DVD on Amazon to celebrate my first goal of logging calories for at least a week. 

It’s a struggle for sure, but I’m trying to remain positive and continue on. Losing weight will help my joints feel better. And eating healthy is part of being in recovery from disordered eating. So cheers to non scale victories! 


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