Random Ramblings

LOL. I just saw that my spam catcher caught a comment from someone with the email address “Boycott Bitches”. He goes on to talk about how he hates fat American women and is going to boycott them. Literally made me laugh out loud.

In other news, this weekend was rough. So rough that I had two glasses of whiskey at lunch today. For reference, future readers out there, today is Monday. My father is an alcoholic, as was his father. I sometimes wonder if that’s my fate. Cause Lord knows the temptation is there…

My parents were in town and my mother (who is a drama queen) was pretty awful the entire time. I was told that I was fat, that my house was usually not clean, that I was moody, that she was tired of hearing me complain about my physical ailments, that Husband and I were shitty parents…it went on and on. Most of it was under the guise of joking, but Husband and I are not stupid. I bit my tongue and endured the visit, sending them on their way early Sunday afternoon. And the entire weekend my daughter decided NOT to sleep, so we were exhausted physically and emotionally.

Fun, fun.

It must be something in the air, because Daddy is in a bad mood too. On Friday, I tried to send him encouraging words but it didn’t help. On Saturday, we spoke briefly but he was busy running around doing errands. I didn’t hear from him on Sunday. And I could have really used his presence this weekend.

This morning, he was still in a bad mood, and I was too. He was complaining and venting which forced me to put on the last remaining pieces of my big girl hat (because it had been torn to shreds by my mother) and be a friend to him instead of a little. To be honest, he probably didn’t feel that much better after talking to me. Big Ariel is not nearly as soft as little Ariel. And I didn’t feel like he really cared that I had a rough weekend, too. I’m hoping for his sanity that his week improves. I hate seeing him stressed and not being able to help.

As for me…I think it might be time to have a “little” night to recharge my batteries.



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