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He’s How Old??

Daddy is 42. I’m 29. We have a 13 year age gap between us.

Our age gap is palpable. I have insecurities and fears that come with being in my twenties, whereas Daddy is much more secure in who he is and tends to not worry about what others think. His feathers don’t get ruffled much, he isn’t into partying, and is very responsible. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke whereas I do both (probably a little too much). He does his laundry on a regular basis and I…well, I’ve been known to go commando because I’m too lazy to put knickers in the wash. Daddy was mortified when he found out!

A friend of mine is dating someone who is 40. She’s 26. I was telling a coworker about them, and my coworker was visibly disgusted.

“Ewww, he’s 40?”

“Well…yeah. She’s divorced. He’s divorced. They both have kids.”

“Yeah, but that’s so gross! I mean…he’s robbing the cradle. She’s 26 for goodness sake!”


“I just think it’s wrong. Yuck. Find someone your own age, you know? I mean, when you hit 40 that’s the beginning of penile problems.”

I just smiled and nodded before changing the subject, even though I wanted to shake my coworker.

Later that night, I told Husband that my friend and her lover were coming in to town.

“Oh, is she still with that one dude?”

“No, she’s with a new guy.”

“Is he older?”

“Yeah, he’s 40.”

“UGH! He’s 40? Gross.”

“What’s gross about it?”

“He’s obviously just using her. He’s old enough to be her dad. What the fuck is he doing with someone that young?”

“He’s not old enough to be her dad-”

“Whatever, it’s gross.”

I just shook my head and let it be. No matter what I say, people are going to have their own preconceived notions about age gaps.

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