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Little Space

I move in and out of little space all the time. I think that’s why when I went dark I went down so fast. LS helps me de-stress in small doses. And without it, I feel empty.

For me, that head space includes being goofy with friends in the lifestyle, often changing my speech to reflect someone younger (and them doing the same). Interacting with Daddy Doms (as friends) who enjoy having littles to talk with. Talking to my real life kinkster friends about upcoming events that are usually ageplay related. Planning little nights with friends, counting down until I can have a bubble bath or watch cartoons, being silly with Daddy. It means pacifiers and stuffies and cute pajamas and endless amounts of Disney.

It even helps when Husband indulges me every blue moon and let’s me watch cartoons in the living room (his domain).

I’ve accepted that for me, ageplay equals stress relief. Well. Ageplay coupled with sadomasochism. I am a naughty kitten after all. 😉


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