“That hurts!” I whine, rubbing my bottom and glaring at him. He grins and leans down to give my butt a bite. I wiggle away and he drags me back, swooping down to capture a mouthful of flesh between his teeth. I howl and hold my breath until the sting passes. Damned biting Husband. When he lets me go, I dive under the covers, pouting.

He laughs and snakes his hand in to smack my ass again before stepping away to shuck out of his pants. He comes back to the side of the bed and then pauses. “I need to take a shower.”

I poke my head from under the covers. “Why?”

“So I can be clean.”

“Hmph!” I tuck the covers under my chin, then smirk. “Well while you’re in there would you mind if I used my vibe?”

A thoughtful look crosses his face. “You can come masturbate in there while I shower. Come on, let’s go.”

Giddy that he was giving me permission to do something, I bounce off the bed and follow him into the bathroom. I plop down on the toilet as he stepped into the shower and start working the vibrator against my clit.

He watches, rubbing his cock against the shower glass to make me giggle. I try to focus, but feel too exposed.

“One second,” I mutter, springing up.

“Where are you going?”

“Be right back!” I waddle into the bedroom, pj pants around ankles, grab my stuffie and waddle back into the bathroom.

He watches, amused, using one hand to slide soap around his chest. I press my face against my stuffie, and get to work. Soon, I could feel my first orgasm building.

“You think you can hide behind that stuffie?” He taunts, voice rough. “Are you a dirty little whore?”

I shake my head and press my face into the stuffie even harder. So close…

He chuckles. “Only dirty little whores touch their pussy.” Hearing his words, my orgasm hits me, rippling through my entire body. I moan loudly as I cum. When I open my eyes, he is still standing there, water spraying his back as he strokes his cock slowly. Our eyes meet. “Again.”

My hand immediately goes back to work, and a few seconds later another orgasm hits me. Before my thighs can stop quivering I hear his voice again over the water. “Give me another one.”

I moan but go back to work, the vibe turned high. I press it against the right side of my clit and close my eyes, imagining some man eating me out in the backseat of a car. The fantasy forces another orgasm from me, leaving me gasping for air.


“I can’t!” I whine. “The air is too thick in here, I can’t breathe!”

“What was that you said once? You can have up to eight? Well, give me another one.”

I whimper but obey. Eyes pressed shut, nose against my bear’s fur. Even though I’m hiding my face I can feel his heated stare on me. Another orgasm ripples through me and I cry out. When I come down, he’s out of the shower. Standing next to me in a towel.


“I can’t.”


A whine escapes me. I stand up. “Please. I can’t.” I start walking backwards towards the bedroom, slowly…with permission.

His eyes never leave me. “I saw that cum dripping out of your pussy. Is your pussy wet?”

I nod.

“Good. It better be.”

Somehow, without him saying it or me asking, I know to assume position. On all fours, resting on my forearms, head down on the bed.

He enters me, pulls out slowly and then pushes in with a hard thrust. I whimper again, but in these moments my husband sheds his vanilla cape and gives two shits about how uncomfortable I am.

He grabs my ass, spreads me open, pushes again. This time no pain. His thrusts pick up, him alternating slamming into me and slapping my ass. His hands grip my hips, my moans and pleads fill the air. Suddenly he stiffens, pulls out and cums all over my back. We stay frozen in our positions, catching our breath. He straightens, grabs a towel and cleans me.

I stand and give him a quick kiss and a smile. “Thank you,” I say softly.

He gives a happy grunt.


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