I realize that I complain about Husband a lot on this blog, but he really is a good person overall. He’s kind, compassionate, funny, and a great dad. Also, he kept rolling when I started having health problems years ago and never made me feel bad about them. And whenever I have a flare up of any kind, he graciously takes care of everyone until I’m back on my feet.

Here are a few fun facts about us:

  • I’ve been calling him ‘teddy bear’ since we met a decade ago.
  • When we were long distance, my insomnia would keep me awake. He would sing me to sleep every night over the phone (and wait for me to pass out before hanging up).
  • He growls a lot- usually at me for attempting to braid his beard or tickling his feet. But he puts up with it.
  • He’s been putting me to bed and  tucking me in at night since we moved in together seven years ago. We say “nini” to each other after he tucks me in.
  • He’s the reason I have so many stuffies. I’ve never bought one for myself. He’ll just come home with a new one for me.
  • I often play wrestle with him. I like to think of myself as a ninja. It makes me giggle like a madwoman and tires me out before bedtime. Unfortunately, Husband is built like a tree- tall, big hands, wide body, strong legs. And he’s a third degree black belt, wicked strong. So it often looks like this:

I could go on and on. Like I said, he’s a good person and (despite our many ups and downs) there’s a reason I fell in love with him.


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