Yesterday I didn’t eat lunch and came home with a wicked migraine. Out of the blue today, Husband pinged me on IM.

Husband: Did you eat breakfast?

Me: Yep!

Husband: Do you have lunch planned?

Me: Ummm…yes?

Husband: What is it?

Me: Ummmmmmm…..

Husband: LIAR!

Me: Lol. Ok, ok. There’s food in the cafeteria.

Husband: What time is lunch?

Me: Ummm….in 10 minutes? Ish?

Husband: Ok, I want proof of food upon receipt.

Me: Oh noes! You mean I have to eat it? Ugh. I don’t want to. Lunch is gross. Do you think I can maybe just survive off of my fat? Like a bear?

Husband: No. You tried that yesterday and failed at hibernation. You would be a dead bear.

Me: True. Ok, I will send proof.

Husband: If I don’t get it, makeup items will start disappearing.


Me: Ok, ok. No need to talk crazy.

Husband: Proof of food, or the puffy powdery stuff gets it…

Me: GOOD GOD MAN. You play dirty Sir. I shall send freaking proof.


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