Diet D/s

I have a coworker who is very tall, thin and consequently a fitness nut. She and I became fast friends- we’re both dominant in the office (although I don’t want to be, whereas she thrives on it), project managers, and lead our own teams. We bonded over a women’s networking group I started a year ago in our company and she’s become my right hand for a lot of my side projects.

We used to power walk a mile or two on our lunch breaks, and then I mentioned that I wanted to actively try to lose weight. I asked her to be my accountability buddy…but I didn’t take into account her dominant personality! She sets rules for me and never forgets to ask me about them. I agreed to have to pay her $1 for every rule that I broke. And I find that I can’t lie to her about going to the gym or not…even if I did she sees right through me.

Yesterday, she swung by and asked if I had worked out last week.

“Nah,” I shrugged.

“Why not?!”

“I just didn’t feel like it,” I whined.

“Didn’t you say your doctor said that you have to work out? It’s important for your joints?”

“Uh…yes?” How in the hell did she remember something I mentioned in passing months ago??

She sighed and gave me a hard stare, thinking. “Ok, so do you want to keep doing this or should we just stop?”

“I mean…ugh! I want to lose weight…I just hate the gym. Can’t we focus on something easy…like diet?”

We both sat in silence to ponder how that would work. The problem was verifying that I was doing what I said I was doing. I figured I had found a loophole.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said. “Let’s do diet. What do you eat for lunch?”

“Uh, sandwich and chips?”

“Ok. Three times a week I want you to bring a salad for lunch.”

“Oh my god. That’s the fucking worst.”

“I know it is. Salads are disgusting.”

“So I have to do it?”


I cursed and grabbed my notepad to write down my new rule.

“And while you’re at it, I want you to do one gym session a week…your ass in the gym, Ariel, one day a week.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

And if you don’t do it, you’ll owe me $5 for each rule you break. And I collect on Fridays.” By this point was she towering over me, glaring. I swallowed, nervous. There are only a few women on this planet that I’m afraid of and she’s the only one I’m not related to. “Are we in agreement?” She stuck out her hand.

I thought about it. It sounded hard, but I liked a challenge. And I didn’t want to disappoint my skinny friend. I nodded and shook her hand, sealing my fate. Later I laughed to myself- I’d found myself a diet domme!



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