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I had a strange dream last night.

I was a few years younger (so like 26) and had a best friend whose name started with A and a ‘Daddy’ who name started with A.

Daddy was older than me by 4-5 years and we were happy. He took care of me in a gruff, Master sort of way. He didn’t really understand my being little but he liked me as a person and so he respected when I was in littlespace.

We were all part of a crime solving team. After one particular day on the job, my friend hit on me. He told me that he was closer to my age and a true Daddy- he understood being little and why it was so important. He wanted to take care of me. He had always loved me.

The more I talked to him, the more I began seeing the flaws in my relationship with Daddy. I brushed friend off but over a series of days he became more persistent. I remained loyal to Daddy but now I was shaken. Friend and I went to a BDSM dungeon to investigate a crime scene and one of the employees attempted to show me needle play. 

It was a trigger for me and I started to cry and freak out. Friend rushed me outside but I pushed him away. Daddy came by and I pushed him away too. I didn’t want either want of them. The stress of both wanting me was too much. I ran away to a safe house for littles managed by a heavy set middle aged no nonsense woman. In it, I become antisocial as I turn inward to reflect. Before I reached a decision my daughter woke me out of my dream. I wonder who I would’ve picked?

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