My First Munch

I didn’t want to go.

I was in a funk, had been crying all week and just wanted to hide under the covers. But my friend (who’s new to the lifestyle) pushed me to agree to going. She said it would be good for me to get out. So I begged Husband to watch the baby (he really is a super parent), reapplied my makeup after a long day of work and headed out.

I was shaking like a leaf the entire time I drove. To help my nerves, I blasted my trusty Disney movie soundtrack and sang along. It was the first time since Sir and I split that I was able to listen to it. When I arrived, I looked around for the group. The restaurant was filled to the brim with very old senior citizens which did not help my nerves. Everyone looked so wholesome! Where the hell was the munch?

I asked the maître d’ who immediately began to hit on me. Realizing he wasn’t going to be of much help, I checked the event page again, spotted a description of where everyone would be sitting and began searching the restaurant on my own. I found them! They were tucked away in the back of the restaurant. It was an all white group, ranging from my age to much older and there were more men than women. This munch was for littles and Caregivers so I wasn’t surprised to see stuffies and pacis. What I was surprised to see was how many male littles there were! In the online communities, you see far more 18-20 year old female littles. It was so refreshing to meet them! And they were soooo cute, gah!!

I sat at a table with a few other people and introduced myself. A friendly brown haired girl (a middle) who was my age immediately greeted me and gave me the run down on how munches work. A girl next to her gripping a green dragon stuffie (a little) introduced herself and the three of us spent most of the night talking. I kept sneaking peeks at the bushy bearded man next to the green dragon girl because he had friendly eyes and his scruff was ah-mazing. He would smile and wink at me from time to time. I found out later that he was a little as well…but I find that hard to believe. He had a very calming CG presence about him. Maybe he was a switch?

Towards the end of the night, a large diaper wearing man plunked himself down at our table and began chatting. I laughed and talked with him…and it threw him off. He didn’t expect me, a newbie, to be so outgoing and friendly! At one point he kept glancing at my wedding ring and then the guy sitting next to me, who was leaning towards me in an almost possesive fashion. When the guy left, one of the littles (an adorable 70 year old man in coveralls with a binkie) informed me that the guy leaning towards me felt like he knew me from somewhere. Baffled, I confirmed I didn’t know him at all. And the large diaper wearer asked me if I was married to that same guy. I just laughed it off. Maybe I’ll see my mystery date again.

I ended up staying well past the end of the munch. I met one of the organizers who came super late, a friendly switch with flaming red hair. She was talking to her friend who was a Dom, and who looked like he wanted to eat her alive. I’ve never seen that much open lust for someone in public! She took it in stride though, laughing when he grabbed her in a bear hug and copped a feel. He introduced himself to me and thanked me for coming, acknowledging how tough it is the first time. Me and my middle friend just watched him out of the corner of our eyes. Despite him being friendly, his energy seemed…almost predatory. Definitely not soothing and sexy like Mr. Bushy Beard.

All in all, I’m glad I went. It was a lot of fun. I was able to easily slip into littlespace for most of the night…the first time I’d been there since my split with Sir. I loved how outgoing and friendly everyone was. And I’m incredibly lucky that I have friends who constantly push me out of my comfort zone otherwise I would have never had such an awesome experience.



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