Naughty Girl · Submission


My phone buzzed. I snatched it up immediately, sliding the screen to unlock so I could see what he had to say. He had gone silent suddenly after our phone call, and I was incredibly disappointed. I told myself that he was just like all the others before him…that he was going to disappear. It didn’t hurt, surprisingly. I was prepared this time.

After a few hours passed, I figured I would extend him the same courtesy he had extended me the night before, and sent him a message asking if he had fallen asleep. And then I laid the phone to rest, resigned.

A few hours later, he replied. And there we were, with a new message from him between us:

I fell asleep, pet, I’m afraid.

It’s ok, Daddy. Are you rested? 

Very. Rested and horny. Daddy needs to cum, slut….

I shivered and quickly replied.

Mmmm…yes Sir. 

How do you propose you can help Daddy cum?

I pause and bite my lip. I have no idea. I’m never good at initiating. I’m not confident enough. I waffle for a moment and then answer honestly- I’m not sure, Sir. 

He sends a smiley face. Well, I need you naked…on the floor for Daddy…in 5 minutes.

I suppress a squeal, make an excuse to Husband and race to the bedroom. I shuck off my clothes and see that he’s sent another message. Make sure you have all of your toys next to you.

I quickly comply and text him. Ready, Sir.

Get them nice and hard for daddy. Make sure you do a good job getting me to cum, slut, because you’re not cumming until after I do. Clamp those nipples, chain in your mouth and let me see them.

Yes Sir. 

I clamp my nipples and take a proof picture. I hit send and wait for his reply.

That’s a beautiful sight, slut.

I beam. I never get tired of hearing him tell me how beautiful I am.

Tug on the chain.


Yes slut, tonight it’s all about my pleasure. And unfortunately for you, I’m a sadist. Tug again.

Yes Sir!! Mmmm…fuckkk…

Still keeping the chain in your mouth, get on all fours and use the paddle. 10 times, each cheek. 

Yes Sir

Done Sir

Get in a comfortable position to use the vibe. Start using it on your clit. 

Is your kitty wet slut?

Yes Sir

Are you my whore?

My dirty whore?

Yes Sir. I’m yours Sir.

Not literally…. yet. I want you to smear your juices all over your nose and mouth. Take off the clamps, And smear some on your tits as well. Imagine it’s Daddy’s cum.

I send him a proof pic.

Lovely slut.

On the floor, covered in Daddy’s cum. That’s where you’d be all day if we were to meet,

That sounds amazing Daddy…oh god!


Precious minutes pass.

May I please cum, Sir?

Not before me, pet. I’m close. Nothing is hotter than hearing a man tell you that he’s close to cumming because of you. The way their breathing changes, their body tenses, the way their voice drops an octave. In that moment, right before they explode, their mind isn’t focused on your pleasure. It’s about seeking a release they desperately need. They’re past the threshold of control and it’s because of your body. Reading Daddy tell me that has the same effect as him whispering it in my ear. I’m creaming at this point. It’s getting hard to think…

Fuck Daddy!

Show me your wet cunt, slut.

I obey.

That’s beautiful.

My clit is hard as a diamond right now. I feel my control slipping…

Daddy please…

Slap it 10 times.

Done Sir, oh god


I comply…and then after a few minutes of his silence begin to beg.

Daddy its Im close

Daddy pleaseeeeee

A few precious minutes pass. I’m panting…

Cum slut


My body is on fire, a sheen of sweat across my face as frantically rub the small vibrator across my swollen clit. The most explosive orgasm ripples through me a few minutes later. I moan Daddy’s name over and over, hair wild from my head shaking back and forth. Tears spring to my eyes from the intensity.

When I can breathe again, I pick up my phone with trembling hands. I thank him again properly and he confirms he did cum before me. I feel immensely proud that I could help.

He tells me he’s going to go back to bed- he’s up earlier than usual. I laugh and send a virtual kiss good night.

Damn it, I like this new Daddy.


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