Is the art of blogging dead?


I have no blogger friends. I’ll have to start over from new. I remember in 2005 when I was active in the community and had a variety of friends that inspired me to share every day.

Today we rely heavily on social media to communicate.

I’m in a bad mood.

I’m in between two Daddies- one who is my husband but does not understand the dynamic nor is interested in doing it full time, and the other who is some random stranger across the world who has no idea how to deal with me. Both are switches.

Maybe I don’t deserve to have a Daddy Dom. Maybe I don’t deserve to have excitement and fun in my life. Maybe I should give up trying to take care of that part of myself and just stuff it back down, focus on writing and taking care of our daughter and grimacing my way through my marriage.

I want to cry today and I’m not 1000% sure why. I’m tired of men. Tired of them only wanting one thing.

Too depressed…no, too sad to be in little space today. Just want to be left alone. Wish I had a subbie best friend to talk to about all of this.

I’m all alone.



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