Catching Up

New Rules

It’s been almost two years since I’ve written, but not much has changed in the bedroom. We had a baby, moved states (twice), and have new jobs.

Financial stress and isolation hampered us actively continuing the lifestyle, but recently I’ve picked it back up again.

Husband and I had a talk this morning and I explained that I was ready to legally separate him-the fighting, lack of sex and lack of intimacy was just too much. In a last ditch effort. I asked him what he wanted from me, what would turn him on. He said he would like for me to keep up with my appearance (buy makeup, get my hair and nails done, wax down below).

In the past, we didn’t have the money for me to do those things but now that we do I agreed. He also would like for me to try to reduce my stress. In return, I asked that he be honest with me.

Why did it take me mentioning being separated again for him to tell me what he likes? Insane.   So we’ll see. We both took the popular BDSM test and got similar results. I just wished we played more and he was 1000% honest with me.



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